How to create iTunes Store account without credit card

If you landed here you probably don’t have a credit card or don’t want to give away your credit card information only to download free iTunes store content. Well I got something for you then.

Apple disabled the possibilty to create an iTunes account without providing credit card information already a few months ago. But with following trick you can circumvade that restriction.

Step 1
Open iTunes on your PC or MAC and start the iTunes store. If you are already logged into another account, log out now.

Step 2
Scroll down til the bottom and select a country you want to registrate with. Now wait until the site has been reloaded.

Step 3
Now select a free iPhone App for download. It needs to be e free app because otherwise the payment method “none” won’t show up.

Step 4
Now you will be asked to input your Apple ID. Select to create a new account.

Step 5
Provide your information details (or fake ones if you want, but I strictly do not reccomend that. Providing wrong data could lead to legal consequences). ATTENTION: The email address needs to be accessible for you because you will get an email with a confirmation link to click.

Step 6
Choose “none” as payment method and provide the rest of the information.

Step 7
Now you will get an email to the account you specified erlier in the registration process. Click the confirmation link in it and thats it, you’re done.
After that, iTunes will try to download the App you have chosen before but you can cancel that If you like.

Tested  on 07.02.2009 with Windows XP and iTunes 8.0.2 and an iPhone 2G with iPhone OS version 2.2.1.


One thought on “How to create iTunes Store account without credit card

  1. Ich finde diesen Hinweis sehr hilfreich. Man muss ja immerhin auch mal was tun können, ohne gleich immer zu bezahlen.


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