Why Kung Fu, Hitler and the hoff now do have something in common

In 2012 the former Swedish music video and commercial director David Sandberg quit his job to completely dedicate his abilities to a bold venture haunting his mind. And now, only three years later, with the help of the community he succeeded to realize his idea. That not being enough, he even managed to get famous support for his ambitious project.

Back in 2012 the 29 year old Sandberg decided to start creating a short film that was already ghosting around in his head for a while. Investing nearly all his saving he bought some equipment and started filming the first scenes of his project named “Kung Fury”.

Kung Fury is an 80s retro action/comedy short movie of a suspended Kung-Fu-cop travelling back in time to kill Hitler, the “Kung-Führer”. Oh and there’s lots of robots and dinosaurs and even more nazis and… I think you get the picture.

In 2013 Sandberg startehoff_kf-jpgd a Kickstarter campaign and as of today more than $600k have been collected to bring his idea to short film. But unlike many other crowdfunding projects most of the movie was already finished filming/animating right from the start. Gaining more and more momentum over time, even the hoff couldn’t resist the movies undeniable 80s charm and got onboard to take part of the project. Though not starring in the movie itself, David Hasselhoff is providing the movie theme and delivers an A-grade piece of audio and video that could be something like the 80s hit he should have had to land in my playlist.

For more accurate information about the movie and its creation process go ahead and check the Kung Fury website.

Make sure not to miss Kung Fury when it’s going to be released for free via YouTube on Thursday, May 28th.


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