Battlefield 1 Open Beta review

After the moderate success of Battlefields last experimental episode Battlefield Hardline, EA needs to deliver a solid but fresh Battlefield experience to remain competitive. Since the EA/DICE combo released the futuristic shooter Star Wars: Battlefront just a year ago, it was somehow predictable the next Battlefield would be taking place in some conflict area in the past.

What’s new…

I won’t list all the changes and news respectively to the other Battlefield versions but you can recap them on the Battlefield 1 Wikipedia page if you like.

The biggest notable change will undoubtetely be the era Battlefield 1 takes place within. Unlike the last few releases of EAs Battlefield franchise this time DICE decided to let the setting take place in WWI which due to a mostly balanced setting interestingly works out pretty well. DICE admitted to have focused on gameplay over historical accuracy but anyway it all seemed arguable realistic.

As Battlefield evolves also the class setting is undergoing a continous development. This time DICE decided to settle with following basic classes:

  • Assault: Anti-vehicle class with SMG and Shotgun
  • Medic: Healing and repairing class with Semi-automatic rifle
  • Support: Ammo-supplying class with Light-machine gun
  • Scout: Scouting/Spotting class with Sniper rifle

Furthermore you’re getting assigned a special class when spawning into vehicle or onto a horse (Tanker/Pilot/Cavalry class all with minor special weapons/abilities). Also certainly a bigger game changer are the Elite classes. By picking up special crates throughout the game players can “mutate” into special classes as Sentry, Tank Hunter or Flame Trooper wielding a flamethrower. Upon death the player looses this ability so that it doesn’t impact too much within the whole gameplay.

…and what’s not

Despite some bigger and some smaller changes there a still some fixed point you can count onto as an old Battlefield Veteran. For example the gaming modes: As of now the only two playable modes Conquest and Rush are working exactly as you’ll expect.

Also the teamplay didn’t change very much as you can still opt to play as lone wolf or within a squad of max. 5 players and same as before you can use owned flags or your teammates as spawnpoints to join the battle. While the game features a new spawn menu it will still support up to 64 players so that you can be sure to join a server together with all your friends.


Staying with the traditional Battlefield elements as the military setting and playing modes like conquest and rush, Battlefield 1 will be less experimental than Battlefield Hardline, but being situated in WWI it will still have a hard time to compete with the classical modern era shooters.

During the Open Beta phase it was possible to get a glimpse of what awaits us on October 21th, 2016. Even though I could only test it on Low/Mid settings it all still looked pretty good and even more surprising the game ran very smooth at 50-60 FPS.

Clearly it still needs some fine tuning here and there but for a Beta it looked pretty “finished” to me (Just remember Battlefield 3 Open Beta…). In my opinion the Elite Classes are a little to OP and the Sniper rifles show to little bullet drop but all in all the game is mostly in good balance.

My setup
  • Intel Core i7-860
  • Asus P7P55D-E
  • 8GB DDR-3 RAM CL7
  • Samsung 840 Pro 512GB
  • Sapphire HD7770 GHz Edition
  • Windows 10 x64

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