Future of human transportation

Seems the Vokswagen scandal also had something good to it: Alternative transportation technologies are gaining more and more momentum over last few months and years. In this article I will present some of possible transport mediums of the future by showcasing my favourite ones.

Electric cars

First and foremost theres e-cars that really emerged to something more serious over the last few years and months. Back in 2012 Teslas Model S set a new benchmark and showed that not every electric car needs to look like a hyper-futuristic piece of hardware to boast an impressive 320-469hp. There’s no doubt their sucess was a substantial piece that lead to todays situation where everybody wants to talk about electro mobility. Suddenly every car manufacturer needs to show some studies or prototypes of electic cars and some of them really seem to take it serious. There are for example the Chevy Volt or the Opel Ampera-e or even Teslas upcoming Model 3 starting at around 30-35k€ with an operational range of 500km+. Clearly there will be passing some years or even decades until those electric cars will outnumber combustion engines but we already see some examples that are potentially suitable for the mass.

In the mean time we will need to settle for some experimental car concepts as the fully electric Super Sports Car Rimac Concept_One with ridiculous 1088hp.


Not to forget also E-Bikes are trending right now. I know quite a few people owning one but all of them do have the same Bosch motor system making them nice, but not fun! Well, the same Rimac guy you read about in the last chapter also developed an e-bike named Rimac Greyp with a battery range of about 120km and a top speed of over 100km/h. Of course there are lots of other e-bikes too but I especially like this one:



You know quadrocopters right? Image those little suckers scaled to a size where one ore two people could fit into. Something like a mix of a helicopter, an autogyro and a quadrocopter drone. You got that image in your brain? Good, then make sure to checkout the Volocpter developed by the german company e-volo. Based on the multicopter concept this aircraft has 18 engines to generate the necessary thrust for personal transport for about an hour.

JetPack Aviation JB10 Jetpack

With the JB-10 the american company Jetpack Aviation (JPA) presented the successor of the JB-9, a true jetpack that provides jet-powered flight including vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). The current prototype works with two gimbal-mounted thrust engines and around 10 pounds of kerosene for up to ten minutes of flying time at up to 200 km/h. After several years of development they showcased their latest achievement a few days ago at the Principality of Monaco and probably left some mouths open.


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