secret.ɢ in Google Analytics?

Since you landed here I suppose you just experienced the same as me a few days ago. On your Google Analytics page in the language section something strange showed up: A language named “Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!” and the views from Russia noticeably increased?

What happened to me? Have I been hacked by the russians?

Let me clear something first: You have not been hacked and there is no such thing as a secret google page at But did you notice something else? 

It’s not saying but secret.ɢ That’s a small capital latin letter ɢ, and not the lowercase latin letter g we are used to. This is just some kind of tecnique called referral spam. A spammer is simply modifying some Google Analytics properties at his side before accessing your wesite to make them show up on your Google Analytics page. Unless you visited the link no harm has been done here. And if you did there is a good chance you are still fine(as of 11/2016). It seems the guy behind this spam is not trying to damage you but just trying to lure you to his page to generate views. But you never know if he changes his mind in the future. So please always double check URLs before copying them into your address bar or even better type them in by yourself.

How do I get rid of these Google Anlytics entries?

To block such entries just go to the admin page of your Google Analytics and add a new exclusion filter with custom type. As Filter Field select “Language Settings” and simply enter “\.” (backslash dot without double quotes).


This filter excludes every language setting containing dots. As per ISO 639 standard language codes do only contain letters and dashes, so no normal web client will ever submit dots in this property and therefor no user will be excluded but spammers as this one will.

For more information visit the topic at Google Analytics community

Update (03.01.2017):

Since the old filter does not seem to be restrictive enough you should use following regex instead:


This filters much more invalid languages.


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