How to install Google platform tools (adb & fastboot)

What are the Google platform tools are where to get them

The Google platform tools package is a collection of development tools needed to communicate / interact with Android devices from computers.

Android platform tools can be obtained directly from Google. You can get them for Windows, Linux, Mac.

How to install Google platform tools

Extract the downloaded platform tools package to any folder you like (e.g. your home directory or the standard applications directory).

Now you need to add this directory to the PATH of your operating system, enabling you to call the tools from any folder. Depending on your Operating system this can be achieved differently:


  • Download and install the Universal adb driver.
  • Press [WIN] + [PAUSE] to open the “System” window
  • On the left, click the “Advanced system settings” button
  • Open the “Advanced” tab
  • At the bottom of this tab, click the “Environment Variables” button
  • Edit the “PATH” variable and append a semicolon followed by the path you extraced your tools to (e.g. ;C:\Users\Andy\adb-fastboot\platform-tools)
  • Reboot your PC


  • Depending on your distribution the “.bash_profile” or the “.profile” file in your home folder and add following lines substituing the path with the path where you extraced your tools
 if [ -d "$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools" ] ; then
    export PATH=$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools:$PATH"
  • Log out and back in

Prepare your Android phone

To be able to use adb you need to enable the developer options and USB debugging on your phone:

  • Go to the settings menu of your phone
  • Select “About”
  • Scroll down to “build number” and click it seven times
  • Go back to the settings main menu and select “Developer options”
  • Scroll down and enable “Android debugging” or “USB debugging”

Test adb

To check if everything went as expected and the platform tools are working correctly you can try following steps:

  • Plug your phone into your computer via USB
  • On the computer open a terminal and type “adb devices”
  • Now a dialog on your devices will ask you to allow usb debugging. Confirm it by checking “always allow” and choose OK.
  • If the terminal on your computer is showing you a line with the serial number of your phone you sucessfully configured adb and are now good to go.

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