How to manually download Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703 Build 15063)

Microsoft released their final candidate aka. Build 15063 for the Windows 10 Creators Update Version 1703 a few days ago. Since they are rolling it out in waves not everyone will be getting it right from the start.

If the Creators Update does not show up in your Windows Update window you can also download Microsofts Upgrade Assistant and start the update manually.

Or if you don’t have Windows 10 installed yet or need upgrade the files offline you can also download the current Media Creation Tool which then dowloads the current Windows 10 ISO for you.



How to install LineageOS

Before you start


Before you start you need to check if LineageOS and the necessary tools are compatible with your device:

If you cannot find your device in the support list of ALL the above tools you are highly discouraged to proceed and should stop here.Read More »

How to install Google platform tools (adb & fastboot)

What are the Google platform tools are where to get them

The Google platform tools package is a collection of development tools needed to communicate / interact with Android devices from computers.

Android platform tools can be obtained directly from Google. You can get them for Windows, Linux, Mac.

How to install Google platform tools

Extract the downloaded platform tools package to any folder you like (e.g. your home directory or the standard applications directory).Read More »

How to clear HSTS settings in Chrome and Firefox

The last time I played around with a website tried to configure HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and somehow I managed to lock myself out of it giving me an SSL error. In my case using Chromium I got “Privacy error: Your connection is not private” (NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID). But accessing the website from another browser or my mobile phone worked like a charm so it made me suspicious. Since configuring the HSTS setting on my webserver gave me a clue that the HSTS settings are also being saved on client side I started to dig into my webbrowser settings until I found out following:Read More »

How to install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi without display and controls

What you need

  • RaspberryPi (1 A, 1B, 1B+, 2, 3… doesn’t matter)
  • A (micro)SD card (depending on your Raspberry Pi model) with at least 4GB
  • A (micro)SD card reader
  • USB Power Supply
  • Micro USB cable
  • Network cable
  • Another computer on the same network
  • Internet access

Install the Raspberry

If your SD card still has data on it, download the official SD card formatter of the SD association and use it to format the complete card.

Download the latest Raspbian image for the Raspberry Pi from

Unpack the image archive and install it onto the SD card. Refer to the Raspberry Pi installation guide for more detail.

Read More »